Upcoming Project – Bon Accord Community Amphitheatre

The McLeod Creek Timber Frame Company in partnership with the Town of Bon Accord would like to announce  a new project aimed at fostering community involvement and stewardship.  The McLeod Creek Timber Frame Company will be constructing a new timber structure – based on the days of old “open-air” amphitheatre – right in the center of Bon Accord at Centennial Park.  This structure will allow the town and its residents to host numerous events including Canada Day celebrations, Music in the Park, and the annual “Dark Skies” Equinox festival!  The amphitheatre will also be available to local groups for sanctioned events for their outdoor activities.  Please follow along for future announcements concerning the progress of the amphitheatre!



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Computer rendering of the amphitheatre. Overall size will be 20′ deep by 30′ wide by about 22′ high at the front and 12′ high at the back.