Want to incorporate some chainsaw carvings into your timbers?

We thought that this would be a nice detail that some people would like.  We have access to a number of talented chainsaw artists that can do a number of things to various pieces of timber in your frame.  From carved out beam ends or post corners and faces, to full on reliefs or inlays to beam/post faces – your imagination and the working skill of the chainsaw artist is open to you.

I have 1 example in our shop right now – shows what can be done to an exposed beam end, whether it is a jutting eave or ridge beam or an overhanging joist.  This example is a screaming eagle…

We have  also added another example of something that could be incorporated into a stand alone or corner post, or if you wanted to added something free standing in your entrance or porch area.  Remember, these are all done with a chainsaw!  Talented!