Do you have different textures or finishes that can be added to the timbers?

Simple answer to this question – yes.  We can do a few things to the timbers to dress them up.  Normally most people choose to have the timbers sanded and we normally go with 80 grit sandpaper.  This allows the entire surface to be uniform and accept a stain or clear coat evenly.  We can also apply a nylon brush finish which effectually takes the softer wood (heartwood) within the grain of the timber down just a little from the harder portion of the timber (sapwood).  This gives a “raised grain” finish and texture that you can truly feel and it also accepts the colour of stain differently than that of stained wood – it really jumps out at you.  Finally, we have a very rustic, hand-hewn look that is really eye catching – looks like it came from centuries old wood!  We have posted a few pictures, but to do justice to these finishes, you really need to come down to our shop and see them for yourselves!  This first photo shows the “hand-hewn” on the left, “raised-grain” in the middle, and sanded on the right.


Here is the “raised-grain” texture.  Really jumps out at you compared to the sanded timber just below it.






Hand-hewn look…