Hybrid Frames

Timber Frame Hybrid Designs

Timber frame hybrid designs are becoming more popular for the simple fact that many people only want a few timbers within their project, or only want to highlight a certain area or room.  This can be accommodated to fit your inspirations for your project to a vast number of options!  Take a look at the sample of timber truss designs for vaulted areas – these are just a few ideas, and the configurations can be modified to suit your tastes.

There are a variety of ways to incorporate these timbers into your conventional build:  pre-construction planning is a must, however.  Considerations for vapour barrier, ceiling finishes, tie-ins with the stick frame elements and mechanical/electrical all must be planned for- you cannot just “throw” the timbers in at any time.  Installation of these elements goes hand-in-hand with regular framing and coordination with other trades is paramount.

If you would like to have a much closer, intimate feeling within certain areas, a mixture of posts/beams may be the route you would like to consider – again, here the options are endless.  Included below are a couple other examples of what can be done on the flat levels, whether it is the first floor, or your roof if you are not looking for a vaulted look.

We can texture the beams in a number of ways – rough sawn (both headsawn and bandsawn), a hand-adzed look, raised grain, or planed and sanded smooth.  We can also distress the timbers to make them look much older and recycled!  We have a number of species of wood to access as well – local pine/spruce and cedar/fir from BC.  If you would like to incorporate other unique woods, such as walnut/cherry or something similar to that, we can help you with that as well!