ICE Panels

Are you looking for an insulation panel product for your timber frame dream home, or for your business that is timber framed?

ICE Panels could be the perfect answer!

What is an ICE Panel?

ICE Panels are a highly efficient insulation panel, and proactive approach to carbon neutral building.

ICE stands for “Insulated Composite Envelope”. Made by Greenstone Building Products, ICE Panels are built using an engineered combination of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and galvanized steel (two well known and accepted building materials). The performance of ICE Panels far exceeds what each component could achieve on its own.

Due to their performance and efficiency, building with ICE Panels could save you a significant amount on your monthly heating or cooling bills.

Who Are Greenstone Building Products?

Greenstone Building Products are a local Canadian company who specialize in sustainable building.

They use engineered components and composite materials that are lighter and easier to work with. This approach lets Greenstone work smarter while helping builders build high quality, problem-free homes at great value.


Find Out More

ICE Panels will compliment your McLeod Creek timber frame nicely. To find out more, and discover how much you could save on your heating bills, contact us today.

You can find out more about Greenstone Building Products at

And their Youtube channel shows these efficient products in action.